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Paris’ unseasonably rainy weather had to be worked into the script, particularly during the balloons photo shoot scene. During filming of the Paris scenes, much of the crew and cast were on edge because of riots and political violence that were gripping the city. 

Funny Face (1957)

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Manarola, Italy


Manarola, Italy (by heavenuphere)

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"Never confuse a single failure for a final defeat."

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Command pilot Neil Armstrong seen through the window of Gemini 8 just before liftoff, 16/3/1966

TWO FISHERMEN (People) - The shoal is one of the most fascinating places in Xiapu, China. Fishermen farm fish, shrimp, and oysters and plant seaweed along this coastal area. (Photo and caption by Peng Jiang/National Geographic Photo Contest) #

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"Listen to many, speak to a few."

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